Youtube Video of ladies behind bars

Somehow we are showing a very short video of ladies behind bars.And the reasons why they are there.We absolutely understand that we are law abiden citizen  and we believe in the power of law that measure everyone one of use in America.
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We have now an over crowded inmate population due to the war on drugs.We personally think that any offender should not get  over 10 years for a nonviolent offense. A drug offense, stealing, bad checks, etc is not something that needs a sentence longer than 10 years.We personally beli8eve in a reform of the legal and judicial system. We think that should be no more than 5 years personally,a lot of educational programs  and intensive rehab. Better for inmates and better for tax payer: A win win situation.

We need to stop locking up nonviolent people, ruining their record, instead of rehabilitation. This just makes people go right back in. There isn’t a lot you can do once you have charges on your record. Seeing someone in there for 10 years for robbery, and the other woman 13 for stealing money, really? We need a reform in our penal system, now!


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So , please be advise to follow the common sense  and always obey the law.

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