Why to write an inmate?

Wonder why so many people write to inmates nowadays?

I started thinking today of why I wrote to these inmates and that’s what I would like to know for you gals and guys. A lot of you have been writing for some time, and some of you are new. I’m just curious and thought it would be nice to share and to have these shared with everyone.

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So there is a lot of questions regarding the reasons to write an inmate?

Writing to prisoners is one of the most important aspects of support. Letters from relatives, comrades, and new friends is a lifeline for those inside and provides a connection to the outside world. One of the hardest things for many prisoners to cope with is the hard feeling of isolation. For instance, being cut off from friends and family and everything they know in their lives on the outside. Prison and jail are designed to be isolating, but communication from the outside can cut through isolation and remind those inside that they are never alone.

In many cases, contact from the outside lets the prison authorities know that there are people on the outside who care and are monitoring the situation. For example, religious freedoms and special dietary requirements (halal, kosher, vegan, etc) are more likely to be adhered to if a prisoner is obviously not forgotten.

Why to write an inmate?

Important reminders for you prior to writing your letter to prisoners:

● Every letter is potentially read by the guards, remember that!  So don’t write anything that might incriminate yourself or others. Do not write about illegal activities. The rule of thumb here is don’t put anything in a letter that you wouldn’t say to directly to the police.

● Always remember that some prisoners are pre-trial, which means that beyond their mail be generally monitored. However,it can be entered into evidence against them.

● They’re just normal people, so write to them like normal people rather than fawning! Human connection is more important than heroism.