• Age 46
  • Height 5 8"
  • Weight 190
  • Eyes Bro.
  • Height Bro.
  • Michael Beal 1
  • Michael Beal 2
  • Michael Beal 3
  • Michael Beal DOC #994805, Washington state penitentiary/D-EW#219... 1313 N 13th Ave Walla Walla, Wa.99362

Michael Beal

My name is Michael Beal, I am French/Italian, 46 yrs. old, 190 lbs., 5’8″ and I have Brown hair & Brown eyes. I am currently housed at Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, WA. My hobbies are beading, basketball, exercise, reading, and listening to music. My ERD is 11/13/2038.

I am a left-handed Libra (October 17th) who is a single father to my precious 9 year old daughter, Brooklyn. She is the only woman in my life, besides my mother and sister (whom I love, adore, and both are influential in my life).

I am a very caring and sincere man of integrity. Additionally  I have a great sense of humor, I always love to laugh and I always see the glass as half full. However, I am family orientated, a good listener, always open-minded and I am non-judgmental.

you can email me me through Jpay HERE

You can check some of my photos HERE
I am hoping to hear from someone who is like minded, who understands that we are all human, that we all make mistakes, see’s that we all deserve second chances, and who will accept me for who I really am.Additionally I am a firm believer in communication and commitment. They are the key to any lasting relationship be it friendship or other.


I am excited to find a new friendship, to explore new horizons, and to experience whatever comes my way. For instances, you will not be disappointed, I am a rare breed.

So with that said I hope to hear from you soon so I can get to know all about you too.🙂

I will talk to you soon, Michael Beal


“Friendship is forever…friendship is the greatest, most comforting gift we can offer someone. I am thrilled to share the ‘adventures’ of life with someone special, who is also ready to seek something new.”

Contact Model

Hi..You can reach me in Jpay.com for Email purpose and set a free account there , so you can send it Today! Go to Jpay.com and then select the state of Washington and enter inmate ID#994805. Select Michael Beal / Agency: Washington State Department

Hello , you can write me at: Rigo Gonzalez DOC #894137 Washington state penitentiary/D-E#219... 1313 N 13th Ave Walla Walla, Wa.99362 The envelope must be a regular white one, address to the inmate with a returning address