• Age 5 7"
  • Eyes Blue
  • Age 33
  • Weight 145
  • Hair Blond
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  • Megan Whitney DOC #350711 9601 Bujacich rd. NW Gig Harbor WA 98332

Megan Whitney

Megan Whitney

A little bit about me…
My name is Megan Whitney  I’m 5’7 145 lbs athletic build tall with slender legs, blue green eyes, dimples when I smile, dirty blonde hair light freckles lightly across my face in the summer time. I’m 33 years young 12*29*1986 I’m a Capricorn, a sensitive savage. Some days more sensitive then savage. Smiles
As for me?


I was born in Riverside California moved to the Northwest in 95 and have been here ever since. Most of my family lives in Cali still or randomly in the USA. I don’t have communication with them. Haven’t seen them in years. I’ve been in a very abusive relationship. One which I barely survived with my life. I feel by me coming to prison this was God saving my life. I would have died haven’t it been for this prison sentence. Funny how life works.
Well I love life. Im very energetic positive and bubbly. I love making people laugh. I’m goofy and corney. While also a hopeless romantic of course. I love kids I have 2 amazing boys who love adventures like their mommy.

You can check my photos gallery in HERE

You can check my facebook and my photos HERE, but obviously I can not reply right now

I love the outdoors, camping, swimming, sporting, skateboarding an trucks! I’m a bit of a tom boy always have been. (good thing I have boys :p )I love to be hands on and get dirty. I’m a bit of a rebel and like to challenge myself just to prove to myself I could do something. Skys the limit. That’s a little bit how I ended up here in prison. I love trucks diesel supper duty lifted trucks. Ummm the possibilities. Smiles the adventures. So I decided to get one.

I liked the challenge and rush of getting a truck just waiting for me to take it out for a wild adventure. You only live once. There’s something so sexy about a beautiful women in a beautiful masculine powerful truck ready for life. I love it. However I’m ready for a different chapter of my life to begin.
I love to snuggle as much as I love adventure maybe even more.

I love music also there’s some for every feeling or emotion a person could possibly feel. Such a connection . I’m very loving, open to new things, non judge mental, loyal, forgiving, I’m pretty amazing and fun to be around. I’ve just had a problem putting others before myself to a very unhealthy degree a dangerous one. I know my self worth now and am hoping for someone who respects my past and believes in my future.

Someone who can be supportive yes I might need a few bucks every so often (told you I was honest)someone who is also honest funny and just who’s not scared to be themselves. And who respects and likes me as I am.


I would love a friendship to start with like I said, the possibilities… Skies the limit so don’t hold back. We only live once so don’t doubt yourself or the possibilities. I’m interested in the person you are. So message me. Smiles Oh and I get out December 2020 so hurry!    Megan Whitney
DOC #350711
Jpay 1800-574-5729
DOC site#150
If you message me make sure you send stamps to me so I can return a message.

Contact Model

I will be waiting for your letter .Please write me at Megan Whitney DOC #350711 9601 Bujacich rd. NW Gig Harbor WA 98332 Please be aware that you should NOT send any money nor stamps in any form for security reasons ,and the letter must have a returning address and address directly to the inmate

am permitted to receive emails through JPay. You can set up a free account and then each email costs less than a postage stamp. Click here and then select the state of Washington and enter inmate ID#350711 Select: Megan Whitney / Agency: Washington State Department.