• Height 5 5"
  • Eyes Blue
  • Weight 160
  • ERD 10/22
  • Jeannie Kortum
  • Jeannie Kortum
  • Jeannie Kortum
  • Jeannie Kortum
  • Jeannie Kortum 4
  • Jeannie Kortum
  • Jeannie Kortum #355925,c/o Olympia Work Release P.O. Box 41140 Olympia wa, 98504-1140

Jeannie Kortum

I am Jeannie Kortum in Rainier, WA  . I am 5’5″ 160lbs brunette and my eyes change colors, green, blue, or silver and I am from thurston county Wa. and my erd is oct 30th 2022

As i said before i am 5’5 and 160lbs.I am in good shape, but i am also a woman and i have curves. I love to be spontaneous and try new things. Im a thrill-seeker, and want to go sky diving and ride in a hot air balloon, and try other wild and exciting things like that.

Actually, I am also into piercings, tattoos, and outdoor activities. I am a country girl and def. not afraid to dirty.In fact,  I also really love music((although ive never been to a concert YET))and animals and science is soo fascinating to me! Actually, I absolutely love to laugh. I believe its medicine for the soul. I also believe in being kind to everyone unless they give me a reason not to be.

I’ve been called wild and crazy and am loud and hella goofy. Sometimes people tell me i play too much but i can’t help it i love to have fun and laugh. I’d say it doesn’t matter where im at im always having a good time. If theres no fun to be had well then i make my own:) Life is just too short to be unhappy.

I am single and in search of my soulmate, i want that butterflies in my stomach feeling. Actually,  i don’t want it to ever fade, so im gonna keep searching until i find that. I love to have fun but i also believe in hard work as well. However, i feel that if i am going to put a lot of time and effort into a job/career that it has to be something i love.

Please check my photos gallery HERE  And you can email me HERE more photos HERE and my Facebook is HERE 


I am a big believer in fate and serendipity, and i believe in Jesus christ., I don’t know that im a Christian bcuz they kinda got a bad rep. for being judgemental. So i don’t label my “religion”. Actually, I stand up for what i believe in and for what i believe is right and i am not afraid to speak my mind.

I value honesty and being upfront with people, time, family, and loved ones. in fact I am interested in both men and women and am looking for someone to talk to and have fun and try new things with. And someone who is willing to support me in all areas during my last few months here, mental-emotional financial, and whatever else there is.

I am open-minded and if we hit it off while I’m in here then id like to meet in person and see where things go when i am released!! Are you the one??  Jeannie Kortum

Contact Model

Hi.. 😉I will be waiting for your letter.Please contact me at:Jeannie Kortum# 355925 --c/o Olympia Work Release P.O. Box 41140 Olympia wa, 98504-11408 .no jpay on work release. Please be aware that you should NOT send any money nor stamps in any form for security reasons ,and the letter must have a returning address and address directly to the inmate

Hello there.. 😊No Jpy..on work release!