• Age 35
  • ERD 2021
  • Race Asian
  • Height 4 11"
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  • Emily Irby 1
  • Emily Irby DOC#396329 ,Unit C-CD1021L, Mission Creek Correctional Center, 3420 NE Sandhill Road, Belfair WA 98528

Emily Irby

Hello, I am Emily Irby. Thank you for adding me.
Hi my name Emily Rellanos Irby (facebook)    I am 35yrs old. My ERD is March 2021   I am 100% filapino.
I was born in the phillipines. Moved to the USA  was raised in San Diego, CA.Moved up to washington when i was 15 yrs old        lived here ever since. I speak two languages my own language is (Tagalog) 2nd Language is English. My birthday is June 08 my zodiac sign is a Gemini (twin) Lol.
I am Brown skin , Long beautiful Black hair my height 4’11 1/2 I am 160 lbs

You can check my photos gallery in HERE

You can check my facebook and my photos HERE, but obviously I can not reply right now

I am Beautiful and have a Beautiful Smile.   Additionally I am funny ,    I have a great sense of humor. I am friendly, Nice and sweet , and Loving

I love to laugh and joke , And I’m naturally happy natured , and its rare to catch me without a smile on my face.  Additionally I’m very outgoing and down for most everything.Additionally I have never put myself on the internet before.

But I’m sick of the same old conversation. However here I’m looking for someone who can hold an intelligent conversation.However, somebody that  isn’t uptight or judgemental. For instances,  I am not worried about age, Race, nationality or religious preference. I want somebody who can appreciate all I have to offer, and in return can devote themselves to me. However, this will take time and patience, But I can promise its so worth it.

I Please get in contact with me..     I will be waiting for your letter.. Thanks in advance

Emily Irby

Contact Model

Please write me: Emily Irby DOC #396329 Unit C-CD1021L Mission Creek Correctional Center 3420 NE Sand Hill Rd. Belfair Wa.98528 Please do not send cash ,check or stamps.The envelope must be address to the inmate and have a return address

Hi..You can reach me in Jpay.com for Email purpose and set a free account there , so you can send it Today! Go to Jpay.com and then select the state of Washington and enter inmate ID#396329. Select Washington / Agency: Washington State Department.