• Age 24
  • Crime Burglary
  • Height 5 8"
  • Eyes Blue
  • Release 3/2021
  • Hair Blonde
  • go94
  • County Jail of Laredo, texas
  • inmate Number ; 4040-154

Chris Wayne


My name’s Chris. I don’t want to put everything there is to know about me so that we’ll have plenty to talk about in the future. That being said, I will say that I really enjoy being social and meeting all kinds of different people. We learn from people. And my hope is that I can learn from you when you write me. I promise I have plenty to talk about. Nothing’s off limits, religion, entertainment, politics, let’s talk about everything! I should also say I have no preferences or limitations who I’ll write, everyone is welcome.

The simplest thing I can say about myself is I’m reliable, so write me and I promise to write back! I will respond to letters, but if you can find me on JPay.com that’s an easy way to email. All you need is my name, and my D.O.C. #, which is 382513. Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting you! Oh, and please send me pictures when you write so I know who you are.

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Full Name

Chris wayne

contact me throught Corrlinks or jpay.or you can send me an email