• Age 37
  • Height 5 4"
  • ERD 12/23
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Blonde
  • Brittany Anderson 3
  • Brittany Anderson
  • Brittany Anderson
  • Britttany Anderson 3
  • Brittany Anderson
  • Brittany Anderson
  • Brittany Anderson 1
  • Brittany Anderson 2
  • Brittany Anderson H52300 Florida Women's Reception Center 3700 N.W. 111th Place Ocala, FL 34482

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson .Hello sexy world! Born in Lakeland Florida, and I am a corn fed country fried goon! Thick in all the right places 😉  I am 37,5’4,Blue, Blonde
Hobbies: I am very creative and also love to clean. I would love to open up a few of my own companies one day. My wish and hope out of all this is to find someone that believes in me just as much as I do and is willing to invest the time into me. Something in the end that will not only be out of this world in the stars, but priceless…
Location:Brittany Anderson, H52300 ,FWRC NW 111th placeOcala, fl. 34482  ERD:12/13/22

A star child raised on hard times and dreams! I knew I was different from the very beginning and have never really found my place in this world. My father passed away last Jan from Covid and when that happened, my whole world fell apart. My dad was my everything.

I cared for him for a big part of my life, but although he was so much of me, he destroyed me all the same. I lost myself in trying to make him happy. I lost myself in trying to be something I wasn’t, or I am not. I am not perfect, no one is. I will no longer sit aside and live by someone elses rules. I will live the rest of my life, the very best I can and I will do it untamed!

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I am a scorpio with a free spirit and a whole lot of love to share and I would rather live it alone, then to ever try to be accepted by anyone ever again. If you can’t love me for me, then you certainly don’t deserve me! I’ve had to fight all my life for people to be in my life, much less stay. The only person I am fighting for from here on out is myself! I love life and I am determined to make it out the other side shining like the rare gem that is me.

So I invite you to come into my world and let me soar on your wings while mine are being repaired! I promise you now, I am worth the wait! I need good souls in my life. Genuine people that shine just as much as I do on their own. So, when we bright it together… We will be a SUPERNOVA!
All the love in the world,
Brittany Anderson

Contact Model

Hi.. 😉I will be waiting for your letter.Please contact me: Brittany Anderson H52300 Florida Women's Reception Center 3700 N.W. 111th Place Ocala, FL 34482 .Please be aware that you should NOT send any money nor stamps in any form for security reasons ,and the letter must have a returning address and address directly to the inmate

Hello there.. 😊You can reach me in Jpay.com for Email purpose and set a free account there , so you can send it Today! Go to Jpay.com Get : Brittany Anderson DOC #H52300Agency: Florida State Department.